Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Something that makes me sad....

Thought of the day.....
Last week a girl called me about pricing for Senior Portraits & she (who found me on Instagram) was very excited & specifically wanted ME....even though they live over an hour away from Dublin.
Well, this morning I called & spoke with her mother & she told me they decided that they could take the pictures themselves.
Yes, this is a lost client....But, that isn't really what is so upsetting.
I feel absolute sorrow for this young lady who knew exactly what she wanted. She will possibly have to make do with a smart phone photo shoot.
I fear that she will look back on the images of herself & not see how young & beautiful she was...not how special she felt. I fear that she will look at them in the same way she looks at all of the "selfies" & snapshots that she took that year. Her Senior photos might not even make it to print.
I feel this way because I neglected to have any sort of photo taken of me on the day I graduated from High School & am full of regret about my decision.
Hindsight is 20/20 & I cannot get those moments back.