It really depends on what you choose to order. Some families might invest in one large portrait and spend a few hundred dollars.  Others fall in love with every image and invest thousands. So it really varies! The beauty of it is you don't need to make a decision until after you have seen the images, so you only order what you really love.

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Collections Start at $199
The Quality Collection
$199 ($376 Value) Includes:
2- 8•10 Portraits
3- 5•7 Portraits
(A Web Sized, Watermarked Digital File of any Image you invest in will be complimentary. These files are for online use only, not printing)

Wall Art Starting at $149
(Shown: 3- 8•12 Wooden Portraits $199 each)

Referral Program
The biggest compliment you can give me is the opportunity to meet your family & friends! So, I have created a Referral Plan to give back to you. A $50 Gift  Certificate will be sent to you every time!